A project management service provided for companies who plan to move to a new office and have a difficult time characterizing and managing the project.

We create a single point of contact handling all interactions with contractors, consultants, building management firms, and multiple vendors while representing our clients interests and maintaining an equilibrium between the time-quality-cost variables.

We provide more accurate and personal planning of the project from the beginning and a more efficient and transparent process on the part of the client.

Unlike other project management companies, we fulfill our role from a place of ownership of the entire project and a view that concerns the experiences of the end user and not only the execution of the construction.

We have assembled a new method for characterizing needs and goals and optimizing the execution time of the project as a function of its costs.


Zory is a results-oriented project manager who developed a skill set directly relevant to operating multi-stage projects like commercial construction for B2B customers over the last decade.

His belief that a project can meet the criteria of time-cost-quality only if these were properly defined at the beginning contributed to the unique way that he developed for B2B project management services.

In addition, the deeper focus on project constraints while planning, and creating the most suitable commercial framework for customers, help achieve exceptional results compared to competitors in the market.

Zory holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration and economics from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya and is a graduate of the Technion’s construction project management course.
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